Candidates Selected To Run For State And Federal Offices
By: Mike Stiles - Wednesday, May 8, 2024

(top left to right) Tony Isa and Judy Rowe (middle) Sue Glick (bottom left to right) Marlin Stutzman and Kiley Adolph (Isa, Row, Glick, and Stutzman pictures courtesy of Mike Stiles/Swick Broadcasting. Adolph photo courtesy of Adolph website)

INDIANA – Voters around Northern Indiana spoke on who they want to see running for State and Federal offices this Fall.

In the race for the Republican nomination for the District 51 State Representative seat, Tony Isa defeated Rhonda Sharp 3,968 to 2,963. Isa will face Democrat Judy Rowe in the November General Election. Rowe ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination and received 779 votes.

Incumbent Republican State Senator Sue Glick ran unopposed for her party’s nomination and received 12,332 votes. There was no Democratic candidate in the Primary.

There were several Republican candidates for the U.S. House Of Representatives Third District seat in the Primary. Marlin Stutzman was the top vote getting with 19,475. Tim Smith finished second with 18,168 votes and Wendy Davis was third with 15,623 votes.

Stutzman will face Kiley Adolph in the November General Election, after Adolph won the Democratic nomination. She defeated Phil Goss 10,277 to 6,088.

In the Primary for U.S. Senator from Indiana, Jim Banks ran unopposed for the Republican nomination and received 444,012 votes. He will take on Valeri McCray in the Fall, after McCray won the Democratic nomination, by beating Marc Carmichael 115,877 to 54,362.


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