Unconfirmed Reports Of Tornados In Steuben County
By: Beth Swary - Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Hail from Tuesday, May 7 severe thunderstorms which rained down around Steuben County // Contributed by Devin Wolf

STEUBEN COUNTY - Tornados may have touched down around Steuben County on Tuesday evening, but at this point all reports are unconfirmed.

Steuben County Emergency Management Director Lee Greenamyer said his department is investigating unconfirmed reports of tornados touching down.

Community members reported seeing rotating funnel clouds west of C.R. 200 W just north of U.S. 20.

Greenamyer also said the Fremont Fire Department reported possible funnel cloud rotations both south and east of Fremont heading into Hillsdale County, Michigan.

The National Weather Service is meeting with Greenamyer and the Angola City Police Department today to take drones and other equipment to confirm the reports.

Hail; however, did in fact rain down on almost all of Steuben County.

Community members shared images of hail ranging from the size of a pea to 2-3" in diameter pelting homes.

Hail also damaged the back window of a vehicle in Ashley.


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