Parkview Announces Three-phase Plan To Eliminate Out-of-network Care
By: Beth Swary - Thursday, April 4, 2024

FORT WAYNE - The Parkview Health Network announced a three-phase plan to stop offering care to out-of-network patients.

Phase one of the place will being next month on May 1.

With phase one, Parkview stated they will not longer schedule ancillary services to out-of-network patients.

The services will include elective or planned surgeries.

During phase two beginning on July 1, Parkview Physicians Group said they will stop accepting new patients.

New patients will be anyone who has not previously received care by a Parkview Health physician.

Finally, phase three will begin on January 1, 2025.

Phase three is where Parkview Physicians Group will only schedule patients with insurance accepted by the Parkview Health network.

Parkview believes these charges will only affect 1 percent of their patients.

They said the changes will not affect uninsured patients or those needing emergency care

Parkview explained the decisions were designed to protect patients from large bills that result from receiving care at a facility where their insurance is not accepted.


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