Planting Seeds of Philanthropy
By: Beth Swary - Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Planting Seed // Provided by Delaney Bock

ANGOLA - Planting Seeds of Philanthropy

FIST and Jenny Lou's Greenery partnered to host Planting Seeds of Philanthropy connecting the younger generations to the knowledge of how to be a philanthropist and pot plants.

FIST received a grant from Dekko to help make the Planting Seeds of Philanthropy event possible.

FIST is made up of 7th - 12th grade students from Hamilton, Fremont, and Angola schools.

These young philanthropists work together to make Steuben County a better place by using their time, talents and treasures, and inspiring the youth of Steuben County to do the same.

FIST received a grant for Planting Seeds of Philanthropy. This event was hosted by Jenny Lou’s Greenery, and during this time FIST was able to introduce philanthropy to the youth of Steuben County in grades Pre-K through grade 5.

The event was split into two sessions; one for Pre-K through second grade and then one for third through fifth. Each session started with an interactive musician playing songs for the kids.

FIST had purchased books called “A Kids Book About Philanthropy” prior to the event using the money from the Dekko grant to hand out to the kids as their own copy to take home, as well as to read excerpts from it during the event.

After introducing the members of FIST and reading multiple excerpts, FIST had a small discussion about the book and philanthropy overall. To end the event FIST members helped the kids plant succulents and had time to interact with each other.

The event allowed FIST to reach the youth of the community, to connect with them, and to teach them about philanthropy.

FIST decided to partner with Jenny Lous because we have already partnered with them for a elderly lunch. Together they loved the idea to introduce the younger generation to philanthropy through planting. It matches precisely with our mission statement and gave such positive results.

FIST’s personal relations, Delaney Bock, shares a few words about the event.

“It was a wonderful event. The kids were very engaged and amazing listeners. It was cool to see older generations interact with younger kids as they learned about philanthropy. Every kid and their parents walked out knowing about philanthropy and with a plant to remind them of it! FIST is very grateful for the relationship we have built with Jenny Lou’s Greenery to be able to host community events that meet our mission," said Bock.

FIST also opened their grant portal.

They are accepting applications for grants for nonprofit and school projects that impact the youth of Steuben County. Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to projects that correspond with FIST’s mission statement. FIST’s mission statement is: FIST seeks to inspire the youth of Steuben County to become leaders of tomorrow by sharing their resources and empowering others to donate their time, talent, and treasures.

To apply, go to https://bit.ly/FISTGRANTS and follow the prompting.

Press Release Provided by FIST PR Delaney Bock


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