FCS Special Session For Referendum Resolution Adoption
By: Beth Swary - Wednesday, January 31, 2024

FCS Superintendent’s Office

FREMONT - The Fremont Community Schools announced they intend to have a Special Session to discuss their referendum resolution adoption.

The special session will be Friday, February 5 at 4 p.m. at the FCS Superintendent's office located at 1100 W Toledo St.

Referendum Information from Memorandum of Monday, January 29 FCS Board Meeting:

The 2023 budget consisted of: Operations 21%, Education Fund 39%, Debt Services 28%, and Referendum 12%.

Over the last year, and for the 2024 budget the referendum amount was reduced down to 6%, Education Fund 41%, Debt Service 31% and Operations at 21% due to no referendum intact.

The Education Fund will decrease should the referendum not pass.

Education Fund = Teacher Salaries (92.3%), Education
Supplies & Technology (7.7%). Salaries cannot come from Operation funds.

Fund Revenue comes from Income & Sales tax that goes to the State and then distributed back into the schools.

Each district gets a dollar amount per student that attends school. This amount is not a set amount, and different for all districts.

In 2024, Fremont will receive *$7,503,759. * for the Education Fund. Without the referendum, $1,110,250 will have to be cut from the Education Fund as there are no other ways to supplement teacher salaries.

Operation Fund = Admin Salaries, Building Maintenance, Capital Projects & Transportation.

Comes directly from local Property Taxes.

2019 Property Taxes were .65 cents, 2022 were the lowest at .55cents,
2023 at .59 cents while 2024 is projected to be at .55 cents or lower. Fremont was the 4th lowest property tax rate in Indiana in 2022.

Property taxes also make up the Debt Service Fund for capital projects.

2023 Property Tax Breakdown: Town 46%, County/State 15%, Library 3% and Schools 36%. Goal is to always keep the tax rate lower than .55 cents per year.

Projected rate in 2025 with Referendum is .52 cents.

Importance of Referendum = Long term planning, keep class sizes small, Flexibility to add programs, Maintain Safety in the Schools and keep the tax rates steady for 8 years.

FCS needs the communities support to continue to offer an A+ rated school district to our students.

We want to continue to build a program that helps our kids become successful.

If you or someone you know are interested in learning more, or want to help spread the word please reach out to Dr. Stitt at the Administrative Office.

Fremont Community Schools


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