Angola Middle School Is Hanging Up Their Yellow Jackets Mascot
By: Sheila McCrea - Thursday, May 18, 2023

ANGOLA — Angola Middle School has officially changed their mascot and their school colors: The “Yellow Jackets” have been stung out and the Hornets are in the hive.

The change was made in a 6-0 vote by the Metropolitan School District of Steuben County Board of Trustees. The request also approved a switch in the school’s colors from blue and gold to purple and gold, which is the same as the high school.

Currently, various parts of the school still include the blue and gold and the Yellow Jacket mascot.

Eventually, this will mean transforming many parts of the interior signage and logos at Angola Middle School. Among these area are the school’s gymnasium and main entrance sign outside of the building.

As well, many athletic teams and other organizations will need to change their uniforms.

Angola Middle School has yet to release any details regarding an action plan or for cost of the next steps following the request’s approval of the change.


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