Triton Metal Products Adds Educational Opportunities for Tritons Through New Partnership with Trine
Tuesday, April 13, 2021

HAMILTON, IN - Through a new partnership with Trine University, the "Tritons" at Triton Metal Products will have access to expanded educational opportunities.

The industry-leading metal fabrication company also will receive free access to job posting and recruitment opportunities, attracting Trine students and alumni, as well as access to Trine innovation 1, which provides marketing and expansion strategies, assistance with new products, and/or improvements to current processes or products.

Through the partnership with Trine, Triton Metal Products will be able to create customized courses, available online and on-site. Employees will be provided support in obtaining educational grants and scholarships, reducing education expenses for the team at Triton.

Tritons will receive added support to ensure those enrolled with Trine are utilizing 24/7 access to tutoring, along with all other available academic and financial aid services. Triton co-workers can take advantage of more than 45 courses using open education resources, eliminating textbook and materials costs, and can receive a free application for enrollment and free unofficial education transfer credit evaluation.


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