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Thursday Morning Sport Run-down
Thursday Jul 26, 2018 12:00am

Cleveland 4, Pittsburgh 0 – Indians snapping Pittsburgh's 11 game winning streak.
Detroit 8, Kansas City 4 – Jose Iglesias' three-run home run gives the Detroit Tigers a 5-1 lead to open the game up.
Cubs 2, Arizona 1
LA Angels 11, White Sox 3 Mike Trout hits a three-run home run, his second homer of the night, to right, giving the Angels a 9-2 lead over the Chicago White Sox in the sixth.

Fort Wayne 12, Dayton 0
South Bend 5, Lansing 4 11 innings

Speaking to reporters at the first day of training camp, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck says he's excited to be back on the field after a season lost to a shoulder injury. Luck says he's far from 100% back from shoulder injury.

Colts head coach Frank Reich spoke about the improvement quarterback Andrew Luck has shown in his return from a shoulder injury. Reich says he thinks the organization is off to a good start to their season.

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