Authorities Give Reminders to Watch Out for Scams
Thursday, July 16, 2020

UNDATED - Several law enforcement agencies in the tri-state have reported an uptick in scams of just about every kind across Indiana, Michigan, & Ohio.

Scams are being shared in a variety of ways including cell calls, computer emails, social media attachments/links, and texts. Scam related topics range from tax and bill unsolicited calls, attacks on elderly by phone advising a family member has been incarcerated and needs money for bail immediately, COVID related scams, sheriff/police departments calling advising of a warrant and a need to pay bond immediately over phone, and a wide variety of computer/email phishing attempts as well as ransomware and malware.

Authorities remind citizens to not answer calls from unknown numbers or click on links or open unknown emails. They also say do not click on friend requests on social media of people with whom you are already friends.

If it looks too good to be true, it is. In addition to these reminders, it is also important to look in on elderly family members and friends to assure they do not fall prey to these predators.

Authorities also remind citizens even if it looks legitimate, for example the number on the cell is actually your local police/sheriff's office, please know that law enforcement doesn't contact you in this manner nor do they request payment over the phone. Neither does the IRS or government tax officials. Never act on anything where the contact requires you to "act quickly" or face a "penalty or punishment" for failing to do so.


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