Education Spared From Indiana Budget Cuts
Thursday, June 18, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced Wednesday that Indiana schools would receive a $183 million funding increase.

Holcomb made the announcement during his mid-week coronavirus briefing saying
"K-12 schools have been spared the knife, or cut in their budget”, adding this demonstrates his “priority and importance on education” in the Hoosier state

The state previously asked schools to look for ways to cut their budgets, but the governor said he made this funding a priority and was able to retract that request.

Chris Johnston from the Office of Management and Budget also announced that the Care's Legislation will provide schools with $192 million. Funds are distributed by a Title I formula to schools. Virtual education funding is given when a student receives 50% or more of their learning online. Schools receives only 85% of the base funding for that student. Details regarding coronavirus virtual learning are still being determined.

Schools can use this money for any activity authorized by the elementary and secondary education act. The measure provides school leaders with resources to provide for their schools unique needs and all other activities that are necessary to maintain school operation.

The state is continuing to work on the Governor's Education Emergency Relief Fund that totals about $61 million which focuses on remote learning.


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