No Sewer Overflow in Angola
Thursday, June 11, 2020

ANGOLA, IN - After a busy night and morning, the Superintendent of the Angola Wastewater Treatment Plant, Craig Williams has reported that there has been no sewer overflow in Angola.

Williams said the wet weather event on June 10th DID NOT cause a combined sewer overflow at the Angola Wastewater Treatment Plant. Data from the WWTP weather station showed the rain started at 3:04 PM, lasted approximately 15 minutes, and dropped 0.54" of rain, with a peak rainfall intensity of 1.6" per hour. 

During the storm, Williams said they lost power to 9 pump stations on the north side of Angola just prior to the start of the rain. He said this is a scenario that they have been preparing for, and Angola Wastewater staff quickly and effectively implemented the emergency action plan to provide emergency power & pumping support to these stations without experiencing a single backup or overflow.

Williams said he is proud to work with a group of skilled, dedicated staff who believe that "Making Clean Water and Protecting Public Health All Day, Every Day" is more than a slogan.


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