85 New Coronavirus Cases Reported In NE Indiana
Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Indiana State Department of Health says there were 85 new cases of coronavirus reported Tuesday afternoon in Northeast Indiana.

Steuben County has no new cases or deaths, and remains at 95 people with coronavirus, and 2 deaths. DeKalb County is reporting 10 new cases of coronavirus. That makes 79 people who have tested positive and 1 person has died in the county.

LaGrange County has 10 of the cases, which means 181 residents have the
virus and 2 people have died. In Noble County there are 6 new cases. There are now 305 individuals with COVID-19, and 23 people who have died from it.

Statewide, 430 new cases of coronavirus were reported around Indiana. 38,033 people have now been diagnosed with the virus. There were 23 more deaths, which means 2,158 people have died from COVID-19.

The State Department of Health also says from Monday to Tuesday, 6,015
people have been given the coronavirus test. That makes 315,390 people who have received the test and 12.1 percent of those tests have come back as positive.


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