Indiana National Guard Remains On Duty And Ready If Need Be
Tuesday, June 2, 2020

With violence amid protests in Indianapolis, the cities' mayor extended an overnight curfew into a second night Monday following violent weekend protests over the death of George Floyd and police treatment of African Americans that left behind widespread damage, including shattered downtown storefronts in Indiana’s capital.

Meanwhile, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, said the state National Guard would remain on duty to help protect local communities from violence that he said “has taken on a tone of organized crime.”

Holcomb did cite it was a “noble” cause for protesters to gather to exercise their First Amendment right by decrying Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody. But he said “troublemakers” had no right “to destroy, vandalize or threaten another Hoosiers’ safety or property.”

The governor said members of the Indiana National Guard would remain on standby for now to assist local communities, including Indianapolis, from the threat of more violence and would move them and other resources as needed to any “flash points” of violence that may erupt.


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