Mayor Ley Pays Visit To DeKalb County Commissioners
Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Newly elected Auburn Mayor Mike Ley made a visit to the DeKalb County Commissioners’ meeting Monday to discuss a variety of subjects.

One major project that Ley hopes to build is a combination of public restrooms and a covered plaza in the 200 block of East 7th Street, one-half block northeast of the DeKalb County Courthouse.

DeKalb County currently owns the property where Ley proposes to build the project and wonders if the commissioners could approve selling, leasing or donating the property.

The Community Commons would provide downtown restrooms year-round, especially during large public events like the annual Auburn Christmas Parade, which drew a large number of people to the downtown square.

Ley said he hopes to sign a contract next week with an architectural engineering firm to begin designing the Community Commons. The latest concept for the project now includes a family restroom, in addition for restrooms for men and women. The commissioners granted Ley permission to take soil samples of the site to determine its stability.


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