Smoking Age & Hands Free Device Law Both On Radar of Indiana Governor
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R) unveiled his 2020 Next Level Agenda on Tuesday which included a couple of proposals sure to get strong reaction from residents.

Holcomb addressed a variety of topics, one of which was public health. He is proposing raising the state’s age to 21 for the purchase of e-cigarettes and tobacco products. The current age is 18. The state legislature would have to pass a law raising the age.

Another initiative Holcomb would like to see the legislature tackle is the implementation of a hands-free device driving law aimed at cutting down on distracted driving due to cell phone usage. Indiana currently has a law which bans texting while driving.

The 2020 Next Level Agenda includes what Holcomb describes as five pillars of legislative and administrative priorities: cultivate a strong and diverse economy, maintain and build the state’s infrastructure, develop a 21st century skilled and ready workforce, Address public health and the drug epidemic, and deliver great government service.


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