Ohio Attorney General Awards Over $325 Thousand In Body Armor For Local Police
Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Ohio Law Enforcement Body Armor Program, Republican Attorney General Dave Yost says he has sent more than $325,000 in grants for new body armor to local police departments over the past three months.

In a program that was launched in August 2018 by then-Attorney General Mike DeWine, agents were wearing expired bulletproof vests despite pleas to management to get the vests replaced. DeWine, was a candidate for governor at the time and was elected to that post in November of last year.

Yost told reporters that helping protect officers is a way of thanking them for putting their lives at risk, although he pointed out that the vests are indeed expensive and cannot be replaced all at once.

Agencies who choose to participate can receive up to $40,000 to purchase body armor vests with a local match of 25%, and eligible departments must pay Bureau of Workers’ Compensation premiums along with having policies in good standing.


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