Indiana Attorney General Testifies, Denies Groping Allegations
Friday, October 25, 2019

On Thursday, Indiana’s attorney general testified that he did nothing wrong at a party where a state lawmaker and three legislative staffers say he drunkenly groped them, which has resulted in allegations and a hearing that has lasted all week that could threaten his law license and ability to remain in office.

Republican Curtis Hill was less defiant during his hearing on professional misconduct charges after they became public last year. However, he said he quickly felt he was under an unfair attack from the initial review of the allegations directed by legislative leaders without his knowledge.

Hill testified he briefly touched Democratic Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon’s back while leaning in to hear what she was saying during the March 2018 party, and said that he was startled to realize she was wearing a backless dress. Hill later stated “absolutely not” when he was asked whether he grabbed Reardon’s buttocks, an allegation she made from the witness stand on Monday.

The attorney general testified for nearly five hours, wrapping up the four-day hearing. While the hearing has completed, it could be months before the former state Supreme Court justice overseeing the case submits a report to the Indiana Supreme Court and it decides on any punishment if warranted.


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