Indiana Attorney General Still Under Fire As Hearings Continue
Thursday, October 24, 2019

Hearings continued on Wednesday in regards to Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, as a woman who worked for Hill before he became Indiana’s attorney general testified that he twice propositioned her for sex, including just days after four other women allege he drunkenly groped them at a bar.

Hill took the witness stand for about a half hour but was not asked about the groping allegations or sexual proposition claim before his testimony was halted for other witnesses. The hearings on this matter could lead to actions against his law license, ranging from reprimands to disbarment.

The former state Supreme Court justice overseeing the disciplinary hearing rejected an attempt by Hill’s attorney to prevent testimony from the woman, who worked under him when he was the Elkhart County prosecutor.

Kathleen Bowers, who is a victims’ advocate in Elkhart County, said Hill leaned over her desk at the end of a conversation in December 2016, telling her they should have sex “because it would be hot.” Bowers said she refused but that Hill would then ask her again during a March 2018 phone call. Bowers testified that before Hill propositioned her the first time, she told him she didn’t think their conversation was about dancing anymore. She said Hill replied, “Were we ever talking about dance?”

Hill, who could resume testifying Thursday, continues to dispute the groping claims against him and his lawyers are questioning whether his actions were misinterpreted during the party marking the end of the 2018 legislative session, where alcohol was flowing along with loud music and conversation.


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