Talks Take a Turn For Worse Between GM and UAW
Monday, October 7, 2019

Top negotiators in contract talks between General Motors and the United Auto Workers union are reporting that the two sides have hit a big snag in the on-going negotiations, thus looking as if the strike among UAW members will enter into a fourth week.

Top members from the UAW presented a proposal to the General Motors on Saturday, seeing a response Sunday by reverting back to an offer that had been rejected and made few changes.

UAW officials feel that the current offers from GM are not fair in the compensating of workers, meanwhile officials with GM say that the proposals are "very good" and hope that the sides can resolve the issues in the near future.

The strike has shut down GM’s U.S. production since September 16th and have hampered manufacturing in both Mexico and Canada.

Talks between the two will continue today.


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