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Visitation Restrictions
Wednesday Jan 31, 2018 12:00am
• Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers • Williams County OH

Visitation Restrictions Announced at Bryan and Montpelier Hospitals
A major uptick in influenza cases and flu-related hospitalizations has been reported by Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (CHWC) in recent days. For the safety of patients, the staff caring for patients and the community, CHWC has implemented heightened precautions at Bryan and Montpelier Hospitals. These include:

Restricting people from visiting hospitalized patients if they are ill with respiratory symptoms, including fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.
Encouraging family and friends of hospitalized patients to phone or video chat rather than visit in person.
Prohibiting children, especially under the age of 12, from visiting the hospital.
Allowing a maximum of two visitors per patient.
Requiring anyone entering the room of a symptomatic patient to wear a medical mask.
Isolating patients with flu-like symptoms before flu testing is complete and requiring them to wear medical masks when outside their hospital room. These patients may have visitors at the nurses’ discretion; those visitors are required to wear medical masks during their visit.
CHWC healthcare workers who did not receive a flu shot are wearing medical masks.

To prevent spreading illness, everyone throughout the community should practice diligent hand hygiene and cover their mouths with a tissue while coughing and sneezing, or practicing the “Dracula sneeze” method of using the crook of one’s elbow. Additionally, a medical mask can be worn.

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