OHSAA Gives Schools Power to Make the Call on Fall Sports
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

COLUMBUS, OH — All of Ohio's high schools will decide individually which sports they will or won't sponsor this fall

The Ohio High School Athletic Association gave the green light on Tuesday. The association stresses it plans to begin its fall season on schedule, with practices getting underway August 1st.

At this time, only golf, tennis, and volleyball will be allowed to proceed to competition under Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's orders. Higher-contact activities such as football, cross country, field hockey, and volleyball can only train and practice at this time.

New OHSAA commishner Bob Goldring, on a teleconference said as a professional he's confident things will start as planned on August 1st because that's the consensus across the region. As a layperson, he said, "I’m nervous," but pointed out medical experts saying risk is low for younger ages.