Over 100 New Laws Start July 1st in the Hoosier State
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS - More than 100 new laws will go into effect starting Wednesday, July 1st, in the Hoosier state.

One of the most talked about new Indiana Laws is the amended Distracted Driving law. This law says drivers will have to put their phones away or utilize hand-free technology while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. This law is an amendment to the current ban of texting and driving.

For Indiana Educators, the Teacher Evaluations Law, will remove the mandate that annual teacher evaluations and linked pay increases be based on student iLearn test results.

Another new law in regards to the ages for the use of tobacco and vaping smoking says Hoosiers under the age of 21 will be prohibited from buying or possessing cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or vaping products under state law as well as federal statutes. The fine for retailers who sell tobacco products to people underage will face a higher fine. New tobacco retailers also cannot sell or be located within 1,000 feet of a school.

Also among the 100 laws is a new classification for 911 dispatchers, who will now be classified as first responders rather than clerical workers.

In addition, Hoosiers and those who work in Indiana looking to get a hunting, target, or concealed carry license the four-year license has now become a five-year license. The changes also waives state and local fees, but license to carry seekers will still need to pay for fingerprinting.


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