Angola Council Approves Infrastructure Grant Matching Funds, Facade Grants, and IT Services
Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Angola City Council approved just over 1.2 million dollars in local road, highway and bridge grant matching funds. Members passed a resolution allowing for the transfer of appropriations for continued law enforcement education. They also approved a letter agreement amendment with Jones & Henry Engineers for improvements to the Biosolids facility not to exceed $327,200. The approval was granted for two Facade Grant Agreements for $5,000 at the Venue for as well as for En-Trust LLC at 15 S Public Squares. The old bank building will become a headquarters for the financial hedge fund institution. CFO and managing partner Dr. Mike Campo of En-Trust details the company and it’s intentions for the space.

Council approved a three year contract with Corsica Technologies starting on July 1st for managed IT Services with a monthly recurring total of 11,699 and a one-time service fee of $5,000 as well as add-on security services for a monthly recurring total of $4,780.50.

The next Angola Common Council meeting will take place on Monday July 6th at 7PM from the Angola Training Center building located at 306 West Mill Street.


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