Wednesday’s Weather Was A Doozie
Thursday, June 11, 2020

UNDATED - When it comes to weather and severe storms, yesterday was a real doozie for the tri-state region and our listening area.

Wednesday afternoon, a severe weather system made it’s mark on northeast Indiana, southwest Michigan, and northwest Ohio. Starting in the 2 o’clock hour, a strong cold front brought damaging winds, hail and heavy rains that plagued the area.

As a result limbs and trees were brought down on roads, homes, and on top of cars. Some barns and other outbuildings collapsed, during the widespread system, which also caused power outages to countless homes and businesses.

We even shared a video on our Facebook page that showed a semi was blown over on U.S. 20 in LaGrange County, IN. Some of the most hard hit areas seemed to be LaGrange County in Indiana, Branch County, Michigan and a Southwest path that went from Bryan to Stryker in Williams County, Ohio.

Many locations reported wind gust estimated to have gusted as high as 70 mph or more in some spots. If you have pictures of the storm, you can send them to us on our Facebook page through messenger, and we will share them later this morning.


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