State of Indiana Changing School Grading System
Wednesday, December 4, 2019

School districts will no longer be graded by Indiana on an A-to-F scale, this all thanks to a new federal measure being adopted within the state of Indiana.

Following widespread criticism of the grading system last year from critics who often found it confusing in various sectors, officials in the Hoosier state graded schools on test scores and on a new federal formula that met new requirements.

According to the website chalkbeat.org, the new federal ranking system will categorize schools as “exceeding,” “meeting,” “approaching,” or “not meeting” expectations.

Indiana State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick has pushed for the state to rely solely on the federal measure, which many say is tougher on schools. Meanwhile, other state lawmakers have said they prefer a more Indiana-focused approach rather than a federal one.

The timeline of when the new grading scale measures will take place have not yet been announced.


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